I have emailed ACT Labor members and supporters to let them know that I will be nominating as a candidate for Senate preselection at the upcoming federal election.

Over the last little while I have had the opportunity to reflect on my time as a representative of Canberra and to consider how best to respond following the High Court’s decision on my Senate eligibility.

It wasn’t a straightforward decision but I spoke with friends and family, colleagues, ALP branch members and of course many Canberrans who took the time to get in touch and share their views with me about what they would like to see me do next. I really appreciate all the messages of support and encouragement.

Back in 2014 I left my role as ACT Chief Minister to seek preselection for the Federal Labor Party because I felt that I could make a positive contribution to Labor’s mission, to help elect a Shorten Labor Government and most importantly be in a position to represent the interests of my home town in the national parliament.

These reasons remain as relevant for me today as they did back then and so I have decided to put my hand up for preselection for the Senate in the next federal campaign.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of those people who have been in touch with me during recent weeks. Your messages of support and wisdom have helped me through what has been a difficult time and I’m going to continue to need it going forward! So many thanks.

Katy G.

9 JUNE 2018