I'm a Canberra mum of three who is the former Chief Minister of the ACT and as of March 26 2015 Senator for the Australian Capital Territory.

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    We can make Canberra a better place

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    Abbott's record in Canberra

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    The Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee has today tabled its report into domestic violence in Australia following a year-long inquiry containing 25 recommendations for ways to address the national emergency of domestic violence in this country.

    Chair of the Committee Senator Katy Gallagher acknowledged there have been efforts made to address the prevalence and effect of domestic violence from successive governments but further efforts, resources and leadership from the Commonwealth Government are required over the long term if we are to see any lasting change in this area.

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    Co-op an ideal business model for health

    If you had asked the founders of the Canberra-based National Health Coop if they would have grown from a single clinic with one GP to a network of clinics that sees 100,000 patients a year in just five years, they would have agreed it sounded overly ambitious. But reality paints a different picture. The organisation provides affordable GP services to the community. It started with one clinic and one GP in 2010 and today runs five clinics and three nursing homes and its GP list has swelled to 20.

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    First Speech

    Mr President

    I would like to acknowledge and pay my respect to the traditional owners, the Ngunnawal people, upon whose ancestral lands this chamber is built. I pay my respect to elders both past and present and acknowledge their enduring connection to these ancient lands.

    I thank the people of the ACT for the support they have shown me and to the membership of ACT Labor for giving me the honour of becoming the 8th senator for the ACT.

    I take over from a long serving senator – the Hon Kate Lundy. Kate served her community and her party with distinction during her 19 years’ service. She was a senator who broke down barriers and set an exemplary standard that others want to follow. I am lucky to be able to call Kate a friend and to follow in her footsteps - thank you Kate for the support you've shown me and the gentle persuasion used to get me to come into this place.

    Mr. President, 104 years ago on the 1 January 1911, nine hundred and ten square miles of land were excised from NSW to become the Federal Capital Territory and the site of the national capital - it was, according to the media reports at the time, an occasion “when a young Australian nation and the community of the limestone plains crossed paths”.

    The “bush capital” –with more than half of our jurisdiction dedicated to national park and nature reserves –delivered on the desire to have a modern city that co-existed within the natural beauty of the area that had originally drawn the federation fathers to this place.

    Mr. President this is my place.

    My home.

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    Senator Gallagher launches PPL petition



    Tony Abbott's 2015 Budget includes a plan to cut 80,000 families access to Paid Parental Leave scheme.

    A government funded Paid Parental Leave scheme was introduced in 2011 and was always intended as a scheme that families could use alongside other workplace entitlements.

    It was specifically designed to provide parents/primary care givers with more choices about how long  they could stay at home with their baby.

    In an attempt to justify yet another broken promise Tony Abbott has outrageously singled out public servants as unworthy recipients of the PPL scheme. What he is not saying is that his changes will reduce access to the entitlement for 50% of families - including the thousands of workers employed in the private sector.

    All parents and primary care givers deserve to be supported – by their employers and by their government

    You can sign the petition by clicking here



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