The superannuation mess is an emblematic example of the failure and division of the Turnbull Government. 

Four months since the Government’s retrospective superannuation reforms were announced in the Budget, the Coalition remains so divided that they are unable to bring the legislation forward to implement these changes.

If the Prime Minister really thinks that the division and disunity his super reform package has created is a “great achievement” , then he really is a Prime Minister in office but not in power. 

For the past 15 months Labor has made it clear that we are up for serious reform and having a constructive discussion with the Government over how to make the super system fairer while assisting with budget repair. 

Labor’s plan delivers more budget savings than the Government’s without retrospectivity, improving the Budget by $238 million over the forward estimates and $4.4 billion over the medium term. This is above and beyond the savings claimed by the Liberals but set to be undermined by their own infighting.

Malcolm Turnbull promised reforms to superannuation but just like on so much else during his first year in the job, he has failed to deliver.


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