ACT and NSW sign the Memorandum of Understanding

Late last week NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell and I signed the ACT‑NSW Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Regional Collaboration.

This is an important step toward greater regional cooperation and heralds a new era of economic development and service delivery for the people of the ACT and south east NSW.

A prosperous future for Canberra is linked to the prosperity and future of our regional neighbours. It is essential that we work together to plan services and infrastructure, and that the relationship between the two Governments is one of mutual respect and commitment to our region.

This MoU strengthens the collaboration between the two Governments. It reflects the desire to pursue a regional approach across a range of areas and recognises the mutual benefits and increased opportunities that emerge though such collaboration.

In addition to the expertise of our own Government departments and agencies, we will engage with community and research organisations, local councils and Regional Development Australia boards to tap into their detailed knowledge of the region.