ACT Labor’s $28 million plan to upgrade Belconnen High


On average, Canberrans are the best educated, best paid and healthiest people in Australia.

Every year ACT Labor has invested record levels of funding in our community, building a stronger local health system, investing in better schools and teachers, maintaining a strong local economy and creating more local jobs than ever before.

Two areas which are critical to getting the best out of each and every one of our students are improving school and classroom facilities, and supporting our teachers to educate.

ACT Labor has delivered record levels of funding for both bricks and mortar and for our teachers.

We have provided $162 million worth of school capital works upgrades and new facilities through the school renewal program, to make sure students are getting the very best education wherever they live.  This is on top of general capital works and maintenance worth $13.2 million annually.

We have built new schools in new suburbs worth around $250 million.  Kingsford Smith School, Harrison School, Namadgi School and Gungahlin College and CIT Learning Centre have all opened within the last three years.  New schools at Bonner and Franklin will also open for students in the 2013 school year.

We also know that while building new schools and improving our older schools is important, it is what goes on inside school buildings that truly matters.

At Belconnen High School we have already delivered over $6 million in an upgrades package, including a new gymnasium and science area.

High school is a formative development period for students, and it is important that students have access to the best facilities, including the latest learning technologies, so that they can enjoy diverse and high quality course options.  But there is more to do.


ACT Labor has already committed $70 million to enhance learning environments for students and teachers in public schools in established areas.

On top of this expansion, if re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will fund an extra $28 million in upgrades for Belconnen High School.

Policy Costings

ACT Labor will fund upgrades to fully refurbish Belconnen High School in Hawker at a cost of $28 million over the next three years. This funding will ensure that students continue to access the latest in school learning environments.





















Major upgrade works will offer a modern, 21st century learning environment for students, staff and community users. ICT and classroom enhancements will enable teachers to diversify the current curriculum and course offerings, as well as promoting improved access to digital learning.


What will the upgrades include?

The upgrades will include the total refurbishment of the Main and North Blocks, and the construction of a new two-storey building in the existing internal courtyard.

A new front entry and pedestrian access and landscaping will increase the pride that students, staff and parents have in their school.

The capital funding for the project will include fixtures, equipment and new computers and ICT resources.

The upgrades will include the introduction of modern building materials and building services into the school, lowering long-term maintenance, energy and water costs.


How will the upgrade be implemented?

The upgrade will be delivered in consultation with the school. The upgrade will be staged to minimise disruption and ensure continuity of learning for students.