ACT Labor’s plan to make Canberra an even smarter city

On average, Canberrans are the best educated, best paid and healthiest people in Australia.

Every year we are investing record levels of funding in our community, building a stronger local health system, investing in better schools and teachers, maintaining a strong local economy and creating more local jobs than ever before.

As we commence our second century as a city we must grasp the opportunity that it presents to grow our reputation as Australia’s education hub.

We are fortunate to have internationally renowned institutions based in Canberra such as the CSIRO and National ICT Australia (NICTA) along with a thriving university sector.  Our role as an educational centre of excellence will help ensure that Canberra’s economic opportunities continue to grow.

The ACT Labor Government established The Learning Capital Council in 2010 to bring together our educational institutions and develop a road map to strengthen our educational future.

What has resulted from this work is an ambitious plan to grow our tertiary education sector, increase student numbers, increase our research capacity and boost the already significant contribution of education to the ACT economy.  StudyCanberra will make this vision a reality.


If re-elected ACT Labor will deliver educational, economic and social benefits to all Canberrans by investing $2 million to establish StudyCanberra.

Its aim is to establish Canberra as Australia’s study destination of choice for local, national and international students.

Like every one of ACT Labor’s policies, StudyCanberra is aligned to our economic and jobs vision.  It is ACT Labor’s plan to position ourselves as the undisputed economic heart of the region.

Policy costings

ACT Labor will provide $2 million over four years in recurrent funding to progress StudyCanberra.

The Learning Capital Council will provide high level, strategic leadership, drawing on the considerable investment already made by key stakeholders in programs such as the ACT Education Export Strategy and Team Canberra, and recent government initiatives like Brand Canberra and the skills attraction web-portal.

It is proposed that a small Steering Group, representative of learning institutions, business, industry and tourism sectors will provide oversight of the StudyCanberra project.

ACT Labor’s plan to create an even smarter city through StudyCanberra


2012 – 2013

2013 -2014

2014 – 2015

2015 – 2016


High level coordinated leadership






Unique educational opportunities






Vibrant student experience






Consistent marketing and accessible information












What is StudyCanberra?

StudyCanberra is a plan to capitalise on the already substantial economic and social benefits of research, education and training in the ACT.  It will provide a coherent, multi-dimensional strategy that draws together the interests and expertise of local tertiary education providers, the business community, national institutions and the ACT Government.

Over the next four years ACT labor will provide $2 million to progress StudyCanberra in partnership with our learning institutions.  To be successful, this funding will need to be supplemented by resources from the tertiary, business and industry sectors.

The $2 million StudyCanberra investment will provide:

  • $600,000 to provide high-level coordinated leadership from ACT tertiary education providers, business and government;
  • $500,000 to create a unique, highly valued educational opportunity for national and international students;
  • $500,000 to support a vibrant, attractive living environment for students (and families); and
  • $500,000 to implement consistent and effective marketing and access to accurate comprehensive information.

Benefits of StudyCanberra for our local economy and our city

StudyCanberra will deliver the following educational, economic and social benefits to the ACT community:

Educational (the Learning Capital)

  • A sustainable, growing tertiary education sector.
  • Increased local, national and international students choosing Canberra for education and training.
  • Increased research capacity and outcomes for tertiary institutions, national institutions and business.

Economic (a strong, diverse economy; the innovation capital)

  • Increased value of national and international education to ACT economy (currently estimated to be $438 million per year).
  • Increased capacity to realise the benefits of research and innovation through the growth of a highly educated pool of talented researchers and workers.
  • Associated growth in tourism, accommodation, hospitality, retail and transport.
  • Increased diversity in the ACT economy, particularly growth in a counter-cyclic industry as a buffer for the ACT economy from economic fluctuations.

Social (a tolerant inclusive community)

  • A  vibrant, energetic community through the impact and engagement of an increased student sector.
  • Enhanced community facilities and services (through increased social infrastructure and cultural and social experiences).
  • Increased identification and links to Canberra through the development of a global alumni network.