ACT Labor to support preschool parents and their kids

ACT Labor knows how important education is.  Lifelong learning is the foundation for prosperity in Canberra’s second century and ACT Labor wants to make sure every child has the opportunity to thrive.

On average, Canberrans are the best educated, best paid and healthiest people in Australia.  We have one of the lowest teacher to student ratios in Australia, we spend more on our students than ever before, and we continue to build better schools and invest in our teachers.

Our kids are leading the nation in 18 out of 20 numeracy and literacy measures*.  We also lead the nation in computer learning.  Supporting every Canberra student to achieve excellence in education is an integral part of ACT Labor’s vision for education.

We already work closely with teachers, schools and parents to make sure our kids get a high quality, early childhood education to make sure they get the best start in life.

But there is more to do.

Preschool is an exciting time for both parents and their kids.  It is the first interaction they will have with school, teachers and the education system and it is important that parents and kids feel supported, engaged and involved in these early days.

Creating strong connections between parents and the education their kids are getting at school is the best way to start and makes a big difference to their educational outcomes.

If re-elected, ACT Labor will provide $400,000 for a Preschool Matters program to provide more support and further engage parents in their kids’ education and their school community.

Policy Costings

ACT Labor will provide $400,000 over the next four years to implement the Preschool Matters program.

ACT Labor’s plan to support preschool parents and their kids


2013 – 2014

2014 -2015

2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017














What will the Preschool Matters program do?

Central to the Preschool Matters program will be the launch of an official annual preschool ‘O’ week – Preschool-Week.  The event will celebrate new students and introduce parents to the system by showcasing the variety of options in Early Childhood, affiliated preschools, and preschools within primary schools.

The Preschool Matters program will also:

  • Produce and deliver an annual brochure to all parents with preschool-aged children with important information on local preschools, FaQs, points of contact for school leaders, school boards and the local Parents and Citizens association;

  • Provide small grants for community organisations that support preschools; and

  • Establish a Preschool Matters centralised online information resource for parents with preschool aged children.

As part of ACT Labor’s continuing commitment to involve parents in school policy at the community level, the program will also promote opportunities for preschool parents to take up volunteer positions as helpers, learning assistants and school board members.

4 September 2012

*Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, NAPLAN Achievement in Reading, Persuasive Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy: National Report for 2011,Sydney, 2011.