Boundless Canberra Playground receives a boost from ACT Government

Turning the first sod on the Boundless Canberra Playground. Turning the first sod on the Boundless Canberra Playground.

Construction on the Boundless Playground down by Lake Burley Griffin is moving along well and I am pleased today to be able to announce that the ACT Government has allocated an additional $1.5m to ensure completion of stage 1, later this year.

Boundless Canberra will be Australia’s premier playground, providing a space to be enjoyed by children of all backgrounds and physical abilities. The playground has so far generated support from across Canberra both from individual and corporate donations and construction is well underway with the first phase due to be completed later this year.

The ACT Government realises the importance of Boundless Canberra and that is why we have decided to make available this extra funding in the form of a loan to ensure that the project stays on tracks.

Fundraising for Boundless Canberra has reached approximately $250,000 with pro-bono while in-kind support for stage one of the project is estimated in excess of $750,000. 

Canberrans have been very generous to-date in donating to this project, however, there is still a long way to go and I would encourage everyone to consider donating to the Boundless Playground which will provide children with a fun and stimulating environment to play in despite their level of physical or mental ability.

Boundless Canberra will provide a massive fort, sand play and diggers, water play modules, a range of swings, a glider see-saw, a carousel, picnic areas, state of the art facilities and all among the best views in Canberra.

For more information on Boundless Canberra or to make a donation visit