Christmas in Canberra

This week I took part in two very different Christmas type events.  Events isn’t really the right word but I can’t think of a better one at the moment to describe them both. The first one was out at Uniting Care Kippax where I had been asked to work as a volunteer for a hour helping people choose donated presents and hampers for their children for Christmas. I spent time with 3 families, one a dad with 2 kids, one a mum with 3 kids and one a grandma with 2 grandchildren. Very different families with one thing in common – they all needed a helping hand this Christmas to ensure that they had food to eat and presents to give.

The kindness of Canberran’s was clear for all to see at Unitingcare with a room packed full of toys all donated locally and the hall full of donated food hampers. To anyone reading this who donated something this Christmas especially those who donated to the Target giving tree or the 666 ABC Canberra giving tree I can let you know that your generosity has been so gratefully received, certainly if the families I met today are anything to go by.  So thank you Canberra.

The second event really was an event which was the launch of the Franklin Charity House. So what is the Franklin Charity House? It’s a partnership between the Land Development Agency and Master Builders Association, the LDA brings the land and the MBA members bring the muscle and between them they will build a four bedroom 7 star rating house in Franklin which will be auctioned in October 2012.

The sale price of the house will then be divided between 5 different local community services, YWCA, Innana, Toora, Youthcare Canberra and the Canberra Men’s Centre to support the in the work they do in the homelessness area. What a great idea.

If you want to know more about the Franklin Charity House or the charities supported

Merry Christmas Canberra!