Combining our strengths in education and sport

On average, Canberrans are the best educated, best paid, healthiest and most active people in Australia.  More than 90 per cent of us regularly participate in some form of sport or physical activity.

ACT Labor wants to continue to improve the health and wellbeing of all Canberrans and help them become even more active.  Being active not only ensures that we are healthy; it also helps build community and contributes to general wellbeing.

ACT Labor also wants to harness the potential of our strong university sector and support strong links between our educational institutions and other areas of community life.

The University of Canberra has announced a new sports hub to be established on their campus at Belconnen. The hub will be home to elite sporting organisations such as the Brumbies and provide accommodation for other sporting organisations.  It will also undertake other activities such as:

  • Skills development for officials and volunteers
  • Development of education, fitness and skills programs for schools and community-based delivery
  • Placement of student interns with elite and community sporting organisations thus increasing the resources available to sport in the Territory and leveraging the capacity of our University sector
  • Development of further collaborations within existing partnerships between the University of Canberra and the AIS , elite sports and the business sector
  • The development of research and marketing programs at all levels of sport in Canberra and the region, to increase sports participation and promote healthy lifestyles.

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will contribute $5 million to work with UC and ACTSport to establish community sport at the UC Sports Hub.

Policy costings

A re-elected Labor Government will invest $5 million into UC over three years to assist in the building of the sports hub.



2013 – 2014

2014 -2015

2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017















The University of Canberra Sports Hub


The University of Canberra is establishing a new sports hub for Canberra and the region. This hub will house community sporting organisations, as well as elite organisations such as the Brumbies, and will provide the opportunity for students from Canberra and the region to come and learn about fitness, sports, healthy eating and obesity as well as sports administration, managing volunteers in sport and coaching.

The University has a vision for every school child in the region to visit the hub as a part of their education – where they will have access to high level sporting professionals.

It will also provide a unique opportunity for the students studying at UC to become involved – whether it be through degrees in sports administration, marketing,

business, law or communications – to gain valuable practical experience throughout their degree and give them a unique insight into the administration of organisations.

It will also provide a benefit to those organisations – allowing them to gain economies of scale through collocation – but also giving them access to academic students to help them with project work and the running of their sports.

The ACT Government will work with ACT Sport and the University of Canberra to determine which sporting organisations will be accommodated in the hub.

Which community sporting organisations will be accommodated in the hub will be decided between the University of Canberra and ACT Sport.