Connected Capital: ACT Labor to invest $2.9 million to connect Canberrans with free Wi-Fi and continue to build our digital city

We all share a sense of pride in our city.  ACT Labor is ensuring the places we live, work, study and play are even better.

We are working hard to improve our high standard of living and ensure our city is thriving with more jobs and more services than ever before.

But there is more to do.

That’s why a re-elected ACT Labor Government will continue to deliver its vision for our city’s digital future, today announcing the first initiatives of a Connected Capital policy.

The time is right for Canberra to become a truly digital city – a model for others.

The NBN roll-out presents unlimited opportunities for transforming not just the way Government interacts with citizens and delivers services to the region, but the very foundations of our local and regional economy.

A truly digital city isn’t just a place where people can more easily and quickly talk to, deal with, get information from and get their own ideas to government.  It’s a city that looks forward, that fosters the right business environment, supports business investment and accelerates business innovation.

If re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will invest $2.9 million over four years to connect Canberrans with free Wi-Fi in all town centres, bus interchanges and on all ACTION buses

ACT Labor is already delivering

Canberrans are early adopters of the newest technologies, embracing the state of the art MyWay smart-card bus ticketing system, and ACTION’s use of Twitter to let people know when their bus is late or cancelled.

ACT Labor has invested $12.5 million to deliver real time passenger information at our interchanges and major bus stops, on smart phones and tablets starting this year.  Being able to pay for parking with a credit card or via SMS will soon become a reality.

Policy costings

Connected Capital: ACT Labor’s plan to invest $2.9 million in recurrent funding to connect Canberrans with free Wi-Fi in our town centres, bus interchanges and on all ACTION buses.

Free Wi-Fi

2013 – 2014

2014 -2015

2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017


ACTION buses and interchanges






Town centres













ACT Labor is making Canberra an even better place to live, work, study and play

Free Wi-Fi in our town centres – with Tuggeranong town centre the first to ‘go hot’ – is an integral part of being a Connected Capital and will bring great benefits to Canberrans and visitors to our city alike. It will show the world that we are a truly digital city, which is a business and tourist friendly destination.

Whether on your way to work or when you get there, Wi-Fi is better for doing business.

This commitment by ACT Labor will make doing business in Canberra even easier and further cement Canberra’s business friendly reputation.  With an increasing number of workers doing their job away from traditional office environments and more meetings being held outside in our public spaces, this commitment means Canberrans doing business and those who are just here to visit, can be even more mobile.

Building on our reputation as the Knowledge Capital

Free Wi-Fi will help attract and retain tertiary students and further promote Canberra as a great place to study.  It will help connect our students with their educational facilities, and the services they need on the go.

Attracting tourists

With many countries around the world providing free Wi-Fi services, this commitment will help Canberra attract tourists and provide a better tourist experience.  Free access to Wi-Fi in public spaces will enable visitors to the Nation’s Capital to access information about tourist attractions ‘on the go’ and could enable local attractions to promote their events in innovative ways.

ACT Labor’s vision for a Connected Capital will help shape our city in its second century, realising our full potential as the services and economic hub of the region.