Cotter Dam gets it's first test

Here are some photos of Simon Corbell and my visit to the Enlarged Cotter Dam project today. Still some more rain to come this weekend so difficult to know how long this is going to delay the construction program but the new dam wall ( about 11m higher than the old dam wall) is getting its first real test, probably a little earlier than the project team would have liked! I took the photos on my Blackberry but they turned out ok.



Check out the compressor hanging on.....


Parking of all the heavy machinery in what shelter is on offer. 20120302-192153.jpg

Looking back towards the Cotter playground and carpark.


The old Cotter Dam is somewhere under all that water (sorry about my finger)

Having lived here all my life, I have never seen the river like it was today. It was an eye opening tour of an area I have been visiting since I was a baby and I can say I have never ever seen it as green and wet as it was today. Hope you like the photos Kg.