Small businesses make up 97% of all Australian businesses and employ at least 4.7 million Australians and despite dwindling confidence in the government from the small business sector, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison remain intent on delivering policies that overwhelmingly benefit the big end of town.

Only last week it was revealed in the most recent Sensis Business Index Survey that six out of seven small and medium businesses did not have faith in the Turnbull Governments policies and that there was "too much of a focus on the interests of big business." - John Allen, CEO of Sensis.

The Prime Minister and Treasurer must get over their obsession with giving tax breaks to their mates in big businesses and deliver policies and programs in next week’s budget that support and grow the thousands of small businesses that are the engine room of the Australian economy.

This budget is an opportunity for the Government to do its job and target policies and spending that will help grow the economy and create jobs through small businesses instead of handing out tax breaks to the tune of $50 billion at the top end of town.

"I am out meeting with small businesses regularly and the consistent message I hear is that confidence, cash flow and customers are the most important things for the ongoing viability of their business and to allow for growth," Senator Gallagher said.

"It's clear that a $50 billion big business tax cut will do little to boost the numbers of customers walking through the doors of small and medium businesses or grow confidence in the broader economy.

"It is imperative that this budget contains a focus on projects that will directly benefit small and medium businesses to grow and in turn create more jobs rather than the shallow and short sighted idea to hand out large-scale tax cuts to Australia's most profitable companies.

"We heard a lot about jobs and growth from this weak prime minister throughout the election campaign, but his simple slogan has been shown to be nothing but empty rhetoric.

If Malcolm Turnbull is serious about 'jobs and growth' he will make small businesses his focus in this budget instead of handouts to businesses that don't need them," Senator Gallagher concluded.

MONDAY, 8 MAY 2017