FREE TV and Computer Recycling Service (E-Waste) for ACT

Canberrans are proud of their city.

This pride was on display recently, when a talk show host in the USA made some disparaging comments about our hometown and the Canberra community responded with a passionate defence.

We all need to work together to make sure our city remains a safe, beautiful, clean and welcoming place to live and visit. It is not just the responsibility of government to ensure this happens and each citizen, me included, needs to do their bit.

Over the past few months, much has been said and written about the problem of illegal dumping around charity bins across Canberra, with televisions in particular posing a problem due in part to the impending switchover to digital TV.

In consultation with charity organisations, the ACT Government has been working towards finding ways of alleviating this problem and back in April after a second roundtable meeting, options to make improvements to the management of charity bins to reduce the level of illegal dumping occurring around the bins were agreed too.

More details about the pilot programme can be found here.

In addition to this pilot program, the ACT Government has been working with the Commonwealth Government and industry groups to start a new recycling scheme for TV’s and computers.

A couple of weeks ago we announced that the ACT would be the first state or territory in Australia to introduce the free TV and computer recycling service, under the new National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

The scheme, commonly referred to as ‘e-waste recycling’, will allow Canberrans from Tuesday 15th May 2012, to dispose of their old or unwanted TV and Computer products at the Mugga Lane and Mitchell Transfer Stations.

Check out the TAMS website for full details about the scheme.

Remember, it is free – and it is here to stay.

We are expecting it to be pretty busy in the first coupled of weeks, especially over the weekends, so if you are able to hold off for a couple of weeks, please do so – we are expecting some queue’s although it’s hard to predict just how high demand will be in the early days of the scheme’s operation. The thing to remember is the scheme is here permanently, 7 days per week 7.30am-5pm

We are hoping of course that this scheme will help reduce the amount of illegal dumping occurring around charity bins, but more broadly, this is a great step towards having a more environmentally sustainable city.

Canberrans are already great recyclers – some of the best in the country in fact – and the new e-waste service will add further to this.

Let me know your thoughts on this service. Comment below, or contact me via Facebook and Twitter (@katygmla).