Big-talking Nationals MP George Christensen has exposed himself as a massive fraud, siding with his Liberal mates to deny Queenslanders a banking royal commission.

After promising just a couple of days ago to cross the floor and support Labor’s calls for a royal commission, Mr Christensen voted against Labor’s motion in the House of Representatives tonight.  

George Christensen talks a big game in Queensland, but as soon as he’s in Canberra he does whatever Malcolm Turnbull tells him to do.

Malcolm Turnbull has George Christensen on a short leash – it’s so short, he can’t even cross the floor of the parliament to support a royal commission into Australia’s banks.

When Mr Christensen returns to Mackay this weekend, he should explain to his constituents why did the exact opposite of what he promised.

He should explain to his constituents why he is letting the big banks get away with all the rorts and rip-offs that have hurt families and small business owners in Mackay.

Malcolm Turnbull’s refusal to establish a Royal Commission proves he is the best friend the banks have ever had.

He will give a $50 billion tax cut to big business and the banks, but he won’t do anything to stop the rorts and the rip-offs.

George Christensen might pretend to be different to Malcolm Turnbull, but they vote exactly the same way. They’re both protecting the big banks from a royal commission while giving them a massive tax cut.

George Christensen promises bank victims in his electorate that he’ll help them get justice, but he actively fights against a royal commission in Canberra. What a total fraud.

Only a royal commission can deliver the systemic, structural and cultural change that the banking and financial services sector needs. And only Labor will deliver a royal commission.


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