Here's a blatant plug for cabinet outcomes doc.....

Here in the ACT we publish a cabinet outcomes document every week detailing decisions of the cabinet and providing links to other reports where possible.

You can find them all here

This was one of my first decisions as Chief Minister as I wanted to generate discussion amongst people outside of the cabinet process and to provide an opportunity to see some of  the issues cabinet is considering and making decisions on.  I don’t think any other government publishes a document like this although there are variations such as in Queensland where the Premier Anna Bligh quite often gives press conferences following a cabinet meeting.

As this was a new way of doing things I have been following how popular the website is and while we started off with lot of interest I am interested to see that that momentum has been on the decline pretty much every week since.

We have released 8 cabinet outcomes reports so far with a total of 1138 visits to the website. The first report of the 27th June 2011 had 422 visits to the page whilst the report for the 22nd August (admittedly just released yesterday) only got 18 visits.  Now once you take politicians and the media out of that 18 I’m not certain anyone else is visiting :)

27th June  422 visits

5th July       295 visits

12th July     112 visits

26th July       87 visits

2nd August    43 visits

9th August     42 visits

15th August    55 visits

22nd August   18 visits

Anyway, would be interested to hear feedback on whether you think this is a worthwhile thing to continue to do as we progress on our open government agenda.