Maximising the potential of Canberra’s digital future

Digital roundtable 04_resized

This week I lead a roundtable attended by representatives from the business, ICT, research and education, community groups and government sectors, to discuss ways to optimise the use of digital technology for the benefit of the ACT.

Digital technology will play an increasingly important role in our lives and Canberra’s future, particularly with the roll-out of the NBN across our city.

To maximise the potential of Canberra’s digital future, the ACT Government is working with key stakeholders to determine how we act to capitalise on the digital opportunities that the ACT offers.

The roundtable is important to bring different sectors together to develop a shared vision of, and plan for, Canberra’s digital future.

The time is right to determine how best the ACT Government can work in partnership with business and the community to become a world-leading digital city.

We want to get a clear picture of how government, business and the community can work together to drive improvements in innovation and services using the latest thinking around digital technology.

The ACT Government is an active participant and sponsor of digital enterprise and collaboration between all sectors of our community is crucial to realising the goal of making Canberra a world class digital city.

This Roundtable will provide a valuable starting point to determine how digital technology can shape the future of our city and the region. I look forward to reporting back to you soon on the outcomes of the roundtable.