More progress on Parliamentary Agreement between ACT Labor and Greens Party


Katy Gallagher, ACT Chief Minister

Meredith Hunter, ACT Greens Party, Parliamentary Leader

29 February, 2012

Tenth joint meeting between the ACT Labor Government and the ACT Greens Party

Today the ACT Labor Government and the ACT Greens Party met to discuss and formally report on progress towards the implementation of their Parliamentary Agreement.  The Agreement, which expires in October 2012, forms the basis of the formal relationship struck between the Greens Party and the ACT Labor Party in 2008.

Both parties agree that the vast majority of items in the Parliamentary Agreement have now been delivered.

The parties agree that whilst there continues to be good progress in implementing the remaining items from the agreement, there remain some outstanding items that require further discussion in order to be finalised before the end of the 7th Assembly.

Ms Gallagher and Ms Hunter both agreed that there were considerable challenges in meeting some of the items and some differing ideas about the best way to achieve the desired outcomes in the Parliamentary Agreement.  However both parties noted that they had continued to work together on the issues in good faith and the mature approach from both sides continued to deliver good outcomes for the people of the ACT.

The following Commitments from the Parliamentary Agreement have advanced since the last progress meeting in November 2011.

Parliamentary Reform items:

A trial has now been finalised of a collaborative approach in a Select Committee inquiry into the exposure draft of the Electoral Amendment Bill.

Triple Bottom Line analysis has now been undertaken on 10 cabinet proposals and a reporting framework for the program is being developed.

Policy Commitment items:

7.1                          Small Business Impact Statements for large new commercial developments

The parties agreed that further work will be undertaken on small business impact assessments. In particular the parties agreed that the framework for how and when assessments are undertaken needs to be revised.


11.4                        Gungahlin Shopfront

The Government confirmed that a Government shopfront will be included in the proposed Gungahlin Government Office Block.  Examination is underway to assess whether current on-line services and shop front services in Dickson and Belconnen are able to meet the needs of the community.

1.6                          Solar orientation (DV306 and solar access legislation)

The parties discussed Territory Plan Draft Variation 306 and whilst agreement wasn’t able to be reached on the exact mechanism for achieving the outcome in the Parliamentary Agreement, significant progress in Government developed estates was noted. The draft variation will continue to be discussed in coming months.

3.3 and 3.4          Commercial waste and organic waste

The parties agreed that while the mechanisms for commercial waste were different from the agreement, substantial progress had been made and the parties were happy with on-going progress.  Agreement was reached to hold further discussions on updated information from the Hyder report.

The parties also discussed:

10.2        Increased Mental Health funding.

6.3          Increased Public Housing investment.


The next joint meeting to report on progress of the Parliamentary Agreement will be held in July 2012


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