Mr Seselja must walk his talk

Delivering the 2011-12 Budget in the Legislative Assembly.

Over the past 48 hours we have heard a lot of criticisms from Mr Seselja but we haven’t heard many alternatives or suggestions about what he would do if he had to deliver a Budget.

Mr Seselja has said that he is concerned about increasing costs of petrol, electricity, water and rates. Well, this afternoon Mr Seselja has ample opportunity to inform the Canberra community exactly how he intends to influence these costs, should he be given the opportunity to do so. 

It’s always easy to criticise – but outlining a credible alternative is something that this Liberal opposition have consistently failed to deliver. Mr Seselja needs to clearly identify how he will cut taxes, reduce petrol prices, slash the price of water and electricity and at the same time continue to deliver the much needed investments in health, education, disability services, the environment, affordable housing and support for low income households.

Going on previous budget replies Mr Seselja’s address will not be able to walk the walk after all his talk of the past few days.

I think we are all interested to hear which of the 5 new ambulances, which of the new schools in Bonner and Franklin, how many paramedics, how many emergency services personnel, how many childcare places, how many ICU nurses and which support service for disabled students in ACT schools will not be supported by the Canberra Liberals today.

Mr Seselja must outline a costed and alternate Budget today for Canberrans to make their own assessments about his plan for the future of our growing city. Which taxes will he cut, how does he plan to control the value of land, how he is going to reduce the barrel price of petrol, and how he will provide lower water and energy costs to Canberrans.

We expect he will criticise the Government Office block but he must then outline to the community exactly how much money he is prepared to spend on upgrading the multiple existing sites and rental costs of the existing 19 buildings amongst which thousands of our public service are dispersed.

Earlier this week I articulated to the Canberra community a responsible and measured budget which keeps the focus where our community expects it to be – delivering a world-class public health system, world-class schools and a public service that is working efficiently for the community it serves,” Ms Gallagher said.

“The 2011-12 ACT Budget outlined on Tuesday is a responsible, targeted and measured approach to deliver more frontline services and ease cost of living pressures on thousands of Canberra households.

It will return the Budget to surplus by 2013-14.

I call on the Opposition to use the occasion of its formal Budget response today to set out a full, alternative budget -instead of their normal ‘opposition for oppositions sake’ response of just slamming everything we have put forward, providing no alternative ideas..