Our 101st birthday - time to build the CBR army

Over recent weeks our new city brand has had a growing presence.  We’re seeing it on the jerseys of our sporting teams, at major events, on tourism campaigns, at community events and more.  You might be wondering how a logo can make a difference, and the short answer is that on it’s own, it can’t.  Ultimately, however, our brand will grow to become a symbol of all that we are, and it can only be fully articulated by the community that it represents.

If you think that Brand Canberra is just a logo, then you may be surprised to know that Brand Canberra is also Enlighten, and Art not Apart. It’s also Skyfire, The Balloon Festival and The Brumbies. It’s major blockbuster exhibitions at our national institutions and great local events at our community arts centres. It represents the amazing research happening at our universities, the achievements of local businesses, the inspiring stories of our community champions and so much more.

Brand Canberra is our brand, and it represents us.

Everything we do in our beautiful city adds to the brand.  The logo is the most visible part of the brand at the moment, and over the next few months, it will feel like part of the city – attached to the things that make Canberra what it is.

Its purpose is to visually connect all the wonderful assets we have as a community. But what may not be as visible­–what is happening behind the scenes–is the concerted effort of business groups, community groups, cultural institutions and government to pull together and to create a unified voice.

As we officially celebrate our 101st birthday today, and with our first century behind us, I invite you to help define what our city brand will become.  #CBR