Senator Gallagher launches PPL petition



Tony Abbott's 2015 Budget includes a plan to cut 80,000 families access to Paid Parental Leave scheme.

A government funded Paid Parental Leave scheme was introduced in 2011 and was always intended as a scheme that families could use alongside other workplace entitlements.

It was specifically designed to provide parents/primary care givers with more choices about how long  they could stay at home with their baby.

In an attempt to justify yet another broken promise Tony Abbott has outrageously singled out public servants as unworthy recipients of the PPL scheme. What he is not saying is that his changes will reduce access to the entitlement for 50% of families - including the thousands of workers employed in the private sector.

All parents and primary care givers deserve to be supported – by their employers and by their government

You can sign the petition by clicking here