Seeking your views on the open government website

One of the first commitments I made as Chief Minister was to improve access to government information and provide more opportunities for public involvement in the many and varied challenges and opportunities coming before the ACT Government through a comprehensive open government strategy. One element of this strategy was to have an open government website developed to provide a single gateway of access to information and to have this operational by the end of September/early October.

Once operational this website will provide public access to a range of government information including government material released through freedom of information applications, government commissioned reports and other data, where appropriate for release. I do expect that this will be an evolving website, as we gain greater capacity and understanding of open government more information will be released and added to this site.

Staff at Chief Minister’s and Cabinet Directorate (CMCD) have done a fair bit of work towards developing the site over the last 6 weeks or so but before we finalise the requirements and design, I am really keen to hear your ideas and suggestions. Quite a few people have contacted me via twitter asking to be given the opportunity to comment prior to finalising the site so here is your chance…… check out the specifications for the Open Government website, the specifications for the FOI material web page and the design mock-ups.