Simon Corbell

Attorney General
Minister for Capital Metro
Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development
Minister for Police and Emergency Services

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Simon Corbell is the ACT Attorney-General, Minister for Capital Metro, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, and Minister for Police and Emergency Services. He has served as a member of the ACT Legislative Assembly since 1997 and has been a Minister in the Labor Government since 2001.

As Attorney-General, Simon has been instrumental in the passing of the historic marriage equality laws in the ACT to enable people in a same sex relationship to have their relationships legally recognised in the same way that people in a heterosexual relationship are able to.

As the Minister responsible for the Environment and Sustainable Development, he is helping to tackle climate change - one of the biggest issues facing our community today. Simon has overseen the implementation of the solar feed-in-tariff and the new ACT solar farm project.

As Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon has worked hard to ensure the ACT’s Emergency Services are second to none, and properly serve the needs of the community.

He has delivered on a promise to take the Gungahlin police station to a 24/7 operation, and has seen the establishment of the new Belconnen police station. Millions of dollars of Government funding has also been secured by Simon to upgrade Emergency Service equipment, vehicles and sheds across the ACT. He is also responsible for the fire and ambulance station relocation strategy which includes the recent opening of the West Belconnen Ambulance and Fire & Rescue Station.

Simon is a strong advocate for the development of public transport infrastructure in Canberra and is passionate about light rail. He is using his experience to encourage people to get out of their cars and onto public transport, or their bikes, which would see Canberra emit less greenhouse gases and be a more environmentally friendly city.

Outside the Assembly, Simon enjoys time with his children and family, cycling, running, reading and also volunteers with his local ACT Rural Fire brigade.

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