The latest Akamai State of the Internet Report is a damning indictment on the Turnbull’s mismanagement of the NBN – with Australia’s 2.1 million small businesses enduring amongst the poorest average internet speeds in the developed world.

At the 2013 election Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised that he could deliver his inferior version of the NBN faster and cheaper with three key commitments:


  • Minimum download speeds of 25 megabits per second to all Australians by the end of 2016.
  • A public expenditure limit of $29.5 billion.
  • A commitment that areas most under-served by existing telecommunications infrastructure would be prioritised in the rollout.

(Source: Liberal policy document - Fast Broadband & an Affordable NBN)

The unfortunate reality is that under Malcolm Turnbull’s stewardship the NBN has failed to meet any of the benchmarks he set for it.

The Turnbull Government has only delivered average connection speeds of just 11.1Mbps to-date.

That dismal result means Australia’s has the embarrassing global rank of 50th for internet speeds behind key trading partners South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the United States and New Zealand.

Everywhere I go and speak to small business owners, I hear loud and clear that they are desperate for world-class broadband to assist with their business.

That’s because they understand what Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t: That in order to compete in our highly competitive global economy Australian small businesses need access to world-class broadband to grow their business and sell their products and meet their customers expectations.

Today’s report  along with the 2017-18 Budget proves beyond a doubt that the Turnbull Government has no answers for small businesses looking to compete in an increasingly competitive local, national and global environment.


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