Treasurer Scott Morrison’s humiliation at the hands of his backbench has deepened today, with news he has resorted to shopping around a PowerPoint presentation to convince the Liberal party room to support his superannuation plans, four months after they were published in the Budget.

In the four months since Scott Morrison first floated his plans to tackle unfair superannuation tax breaks, the Treasurer still hasn’t convinced his Coalition colleagues to back them, much less worked out how to legislate them in the Parliament.

Scott Morrison has completely stuffed up these important reforms for our country.

Labor is up for serious reform and having a responsible discussion with the Government over how to make the super system fairer.

Labor’s plan delivers more budget savings than the Government’s without retrospectivity, improving the Budget by $238 million over the forward estimates and $4.4 billion over the medium term. This is above and beyond the savings claimed by the Liberals but set to be undermined by their own infighting.

Releasing a PowerPoint presentation instead of legislation makes a mockery of the importance of these reforms and confirms everyone’s thoughts that this is a Government in office but not in power.

Scott Morrison needs to stop with the stunts and release the government’s superannuation tax legislation. 


Senator Katy Gallagher is Labor's Shadow Minister for Small Business and Financial Services.

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