Supporting our excellent school system: centre of maths excellence for Tuggeranong

On average, Canberrans are the best educated, best paid and healthiest people in Australia.

Every year ACT Labor has invested record levels of funding in our community, building a stronger local health system, investing in better schools and teachers, maintaining a strong local economy and creating more local jobs than ever before.

ACT Labor has delivered record levels of funding for both bricks and mortar – building new schools in new suburbs and has built new facilities and upgraded schools across Canberra.

ACT Labor will continue to deliver fairer funding for every school, and every student and if re-elected in 2012 will provide $250 million in extra funding to make sure our schools remain at the top of the class.

Improving education outcomes for students who are most in need remains a top priority for ACT Labor and there are specific areas of need where there is more to do.

Numeracy testing conducted through NAPLAN reveals the growing need for a dedicated numeracy centre targeting mathematics skills in the Tuggeranong Valley.  The innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs on which Canberra’s future economic prosperity depends can’t be filled without the proper local support for core numeracy skills at the primary and high school level.

That’s why, if re-elected ACT Labor will commit an extra $8.7 million to build and staff a numeracy centre at Caroline Chisholm school over the next two years.

The Centre of Excellence in Numeracy will improve outcomes in numeracy in Tuggeranong for students and the broader community.

Policy costings

ACT Labor will fund a Centre of Excellence in Numeracy at the Caroline Chisholm School (senior campus) worth $8.62 million over the next three years for the Tuggeranong schools network.

This funding will provide a learning facility that will improve outcomes in numeracy across the whole of the Tuggeranong schools network.


ACT Labor’s plan for maths excellence in Tuggeranong

























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What we have already delivered

ACT Labor has already provided $162 million worth of school capital works upgrades and new facilities through the school renewal program. This is on top of general capital works and maintenance worth $13.2 million annually.  At Caroline Chisholm School Labor has delivered $3.463 million worth of upgrades to classrooms, staff rooms, the school library and the school canteen.


A Centre of Excellence in Numeracy at the Caroline Chisholm School

The new Centre for Numeracy Excellence based at Caroline Chisholm School (senior campus) will include maths laboratories with observation windows, flexible learning areas, a lecture theatre, video conferencing to link together local schools, a maths resource centre, as well as required staff offices and support spaces.


How will ACT Labor improve numeracy outcomes in Tuggeranong?

The Centre will aim to raise the profile and achievement of numeracy in the Tuggeranong area by fostering a learning community for students, specialist mathematics teachers and researchers.

Interest in mathematical subjects and related careers will be promoted with the centre allowing for greater variety and viability of mathematical curriculum and courses on offer.

Students challenged by mathematics concepts will also be resourced to receive on-going support as they transition from primary to secondary and onto college, while the centre will also provide additional opportunities for high-achieving mathematics students.

The centre aims to build numeracy skills in the whole community with the facility also to be available for classes for non-government students, their families and for adult education.