Thai PM plants 'red toon' at Arboretum

On Monday, I joined Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand Her Excellency Ms Yingluck Shinawatra to plant a tree at the National Arboretum when she visited Canberra.

The Prime Minister planted a red toon (Toona sinensis) to represent our commitment to strengthening the relationship between our two countries and, in particular, the ties between the people of the ACT and Thailand.

prime minister and chief minister

The red toon is a deciduous tree native to eastern and south-eastern Asia and, I’m told, it will have no problem with chilly Canberra mornings as it is resilient to frost.

It’s a fast growing tree and will reach a height of 25 metres with a canopy of approximately eight metres.

When the weather warms up we can look forward to rich scent from its flowers. It is used as a traditional Chinese medicine, cultivated for its edible leaves which contain Vitamin A and protein.

Prime Minister Shinawatra’s visit to the Arboretum and Australia coincides with the 60th Anniversary of the Bilateral Relationships between our two countries.