The Royal Visit

Last week I had the enormous privilege to represent the people of the ACT in welcoming Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness to our beautiful city.

I think it was so wonderful that Her Majesty has decided to spend more than half of her visit to Australia in Canberra and also that she agreed to come and spend time with Canberran's at  Floriade.

In recent days I have seen a lot said about the appropriate way to greet Her Majesty The Queen.  In preparation for The Royal Visit I did get extensive briefings about how to greet The Royal couple and how to conduct the visits.  Whilst I did not curtsey I did welcome The Queen in-line with accepted protocol (which was to bow my head slightly and extend my hand once The Queen had extended hers). I was very keen to ensure that The Queen and her husband were greeted in a respectful way and were warmly welcomed to Canberra  for their week long stay.

I have had the opportunity to meet Her Majesty three times during her stay and from seeing frst hand the visit to Floriade and watching the media reports of the events at Duntroon and St John’s over the weekend I have no doubt that The Queen and Prince Phillip have been enjoying their stay in Canberra.

I think we can be proud of how the warmly the Canberra community has welcomed them during their stay.