The secret's out - Canberra's a great place to live

In Canberra we often like to talk about what a well-kept secret the quality of life in our city is. We all know it’s a great place to live and we don’t want too many other people to find out.

However, the secret’s out. A series of national reports are telling the world how good life is here.

In May, the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling at the University of Canberra released a report that found “Canberra has the highest standard of living in Australia”.

And just last week the State of the Regions report was released when the Australian Local Government Association conference came to town. It shows we have high living standards, affordable houses and high productivity.

Interestingly despite rising house values, the report says homes in the territory remain affordable and homeowners’ debts are relatively low compared with elsewhere in Australia.

Among the measures used in the report is the ratio of the average dwelling price to household disposable income for a region, which at 29 percent, it says is not far from the lowest in country “reflecting the efficient land administration in the ACT”.

The report also confirms our reputation as the ‘clever capital’ with one of the highest levels of information technology patents in the country. It looks like another of our secrets is out.