The week that was...last week

I wrote this last week and its taken me over a week to get back to it…am trying to ensure I post “normal” type blogs along with work type ones.

This week has been the usual balancing act of family, work and all those other issues that come and slap you in the face without warning.

SUNDAY First things first – sort out the school runs. Done. Tick. Me three days, parter the other two. New after school arrangements enough to send one mad but if we can pull it off it could be good, very good. This week is the first dry run.

MONDAY week doesn’t start well. Miss 4 howls to the moon, attaches self to leg, screams. Race out front gate. Turn radio on v loud. Repress. Work. Media. Work. Break neck to ensure new after school care arrangements work. They do. Children don’t want to be picked up.

TUESDAY first sitting day for 2012. Everyone scrubbed for duty. No great improvement in chamber behaviours since summer break. Libs under pressure. Children still don’t want to be picked up. Need to point out to them that they belong to us and need to come home.

WEDNESDAY Early crisis from teenager managed by 8am  Private members day comes to the Legislative Assembly . It’s going to be a long day. out of building at 9.30 pm, plenty of time as it turns out to say goodnight to everyone as no-one in bed!!!!! End up drifting off to sleep by Miss 4s bed. Afterschool care success continues. Yippee.

THURSDAY Day starts badly with bad moods, no-one wants to go to school. I don’t blame them I don’t want to go to work either. Bags packed, faces scrubbed, out the door. Sensing troubled times ahead make appt for Dr’s. Sitting day, question time,  censure motions get dealt with. Tonsillitis diagnosed. Everyone off tomorrow. Yikes. Starting antibiotics immediately.

FRIDAY children sick. 50/50 arrangement with partner. Must cram full day into half. No worries. The upside of being home by 12.30pm is that I get a head start on dreaded washing/cleaning. Could mean no washing on Saturday. ahhhh small pleasures.