This is not about just giving Canberra a new logo

 When we started thinking about the lasting legacy from our centenary year, it became clear that we really needed to capitalise on the community and city pride that has emerged over the last 12 months.

Early on in the year we got a real sense that people were feeling not only more connected to their city but were feeling really proud to call Canberra their home.

I think that for a city that has, for much of its time, been identified by the work that happens here rather than the people who live here, we have seen a real shift to becoming defensive about our reputation.

It has been my hope that one of the lasting legacies from our centenary year would be to see an end to ‘Canberra bashing’ and self-deprecation about our city.

We know that as the centenary year draws to a close, that as many as nine out of ten Canberrans feel a sense of pride in our city and the overwhelming majority believe that there is more to Canberra than people know – and more than ever before, Canberrans want to tell that to others.

That is really where ‘Brand Canberra’ comes into its own. It gives us the tools to be able to tell others what a great city Canberra is - proud to be the capital of Australia and the centre of government, but also a confident and bold city.

This is not about just giving Canberra a new logo. Our city ‘brand’ has to be a collective idea – and a collective advocacy – about who we are and what we have to offer – a brand which truly represents what Canberra is all about.

cbr with words

For those of us who live here, we know that we are not only a city of achievement and progress, but that we are a city with big ideas and a place where the collective spirit and potential of Australia’s people resides.

And as we near the end of our centenary year, we want Canberrans to put their voice behind our brand – Canberra – a place we already know and love as our home, but also a city with brilliant possibilities ahead.

We have backed this project with resources which will be spent responsibly to promote and support the brands development and further encourage economic growth and prosperity of Canberra.

Explore Canberra's new brand and find out how we all play a part in shaping its success by visiting the Brand Canberra website:

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