Time is running out: enrol to vote


Recently, I saw an alarming post on the Elections ACT Facebook page which said: “With just four days to go before the ACT electoral roll closes, two out of five 18-year-olds are not enrolled and less than half of the ACT’s 19-year-olds are enrolled.”

It is important that all Canberrans who are eligible make their voice heard. I encourage everyone in the ACT who is eligible to vote to make sure they are enrolled, but particularly these first-time voters. Younger Canberrans who have recently turned 18 should make sure they are on the roll. Voting is a right, a privilege and an obligation. Rolls close on Friday 21 September, so there’s still time.

If you are an Australian citizen, over 18 and live in the ACT, you should be on the electoral roll. If you are not, you won’t be able to have your say on 20 October.

If you’ve recently moved to the ACT or moved within the ACT, you should check your details.

Information about  enrolling to vote can be found on the Elections ACT website or Facebook page.