UN Secretary General visits Canberra

I get to take part in lots of fantastic events in my job and meeting with Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Moon and his wife Madame Ban Soon Teek today was amazing. After I welcomed him to Canberra and the Arboretum, the Secretary General gave a short but powerful address about the importance of planting trees to combat the harmful effects of climate change.

The Secretary General and I planted an olive tree as a symbol of peace at the top of the Central Valley. We were very well assisted by some students from Giralang Primary and Sacred Heart Primary school.

The United Nations have declared 2011 as the International Year of the Forest so it was wonderful that we were able to share the beauty of the Arboretum, where 100 rare and endangered forests are being planted (about 90 forests are planted already), with the leader of the UN today right here in Canberra.

If you are in Canberra and you haven’t seen the Arboretum you should go and have a look. It really is worth it. Coming back from the devastating bush fires of 2002/2003 which left a barren burnt landscape in the middle of our city it is truly becoming a place of beauty again.