What's sensible in Government is "disgraceful" in Opposition

Well the election season is well and truly here for some of us even through it will be well into next year before most Canberran’s switch onto the ACT Election 2012.

3 weeks ago the Canberra Liberals announced some election policies at a Liberal Party fundraiser. The centre-piece of the announcements was to repeal the $25 administration surcharge for quarterly vehicle registration renewals.  Whilst the policy was light on detail and costings it was absolutely silent on the fact that this surcharge was  introduced by Canberra Liberal Brendan Smyth when he was Minister for Urban Services in 1998.

The Canberra Liberals have spent the last 3 weeks railing against this charge. Feigning outrage  Zed Seselja described the charge as a “poor tax” and a “disgraceful tax” in the Legislative Assembly this week and blamed all responsibility for this charge squarely at the ACT Governments feet.

Putting aside the issue of the charge itself, the point here is that a charge that was introduced by the Liberal Party when last in Government and explained as a reasonable charge at the time designed to assist households with their bills is now being dismissed by the same political party as ” a disgraceful tax” targetted to disadvantage low income households.

Ahhh, how easy it is to throw stones when in Opposition. And how easy it appears to be to forget your own role in designing, introducing and implementing such a “disgraceful’ tax.