Zed Seselja has voted in support of a Senate motion today that endorses “decentralisation” of government departments by moving them out of Canberra, and other capital cities, to regional towns.

Today when given the opportunity to stand up for Canberra and Canberra jobs, he sat and voted with all of his Liberal/National colleagues to support the relocation of public service jobs out of the ACT and specifically to endorse the move of the APVMA, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and other agencies out of Canberra.

“To be a Senator for the ACT and vote to remove jobs from Canberra and support further decentralisation of the public service is absolutely outrageous and simply beggars belief,” Senator Gallagher said.

“The motion moved by Government members today was anti-Canberra. Zed Seselja knew this and he voted for it anyway.

“I have never seen an ACT politician so blatantly vote against our community’s interests. We should never forget this appalling act of betrayal by Zed Seselja and he should be held to account for it.”

“Former Senator Gary Humphries, who Zed Seselja knocked off in a bitter preselection to get into the Senate, would cross the floor when it came to standing up for Canberra but today we all saw that Zed’s not up to that and his own interests will always come before that of Canberra’s,” Senator Gallagher concluded.


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